MessagEase – Another Alternate Keyboard For The iPhone

Monsta'd on December 31st, 2010

Our most popular post here on iPhoneMonsta was, so far, the 8Pen Alternate Keyboard Is Coming To iOS post. Sherry, a commenter on that post, mentioned MessagEase, a self-described "killer app keyboard for iPhones". Let's take a look...

MessagEase   Another Alternate Keyboard For The iPhone

First off, MessagEase isn't a full-blown keyboard replacement for the iPhone, as it's only available for use in the actual MessagEase app. 8Pen on the other-hand is projected to be a system-wide keyboard replacement, meaning it can be used in your,,, anywhere on your iOS device; a complete replacement. (MobType is a great example of this, but unfortunately was pretty buggy when we checked it out.)

To be fair here, I, personally (1.) - have no idea how to use these alternate keyboards & (2.) am content with the stock iPhone keyboard, so I'm really not that inclined to find a true replacement. This means that this post is really more of a "hey-check-this-out-you-guys-might-like-it" more-so than it is an actual review of the MessagEase keyboard app.

Both 8Pen, and MessagEase work by sliding your finger to "build" your words, instead of traditionally typing, or tapping the letters. MessagEase, available for free in the App Store, scores a shaky 2 1/2 stars after having been rated ~370 times. I suspect a lot of these ratings came from people like me, who expect the keyboard to work great off-the-bat. But with stuff like this, there will always be a learning curve.

If you have some free time as we enter 2011, and want to check out this unique keyboard from Exideas, go ahead and give it a shot, you might love it. Most of us, however, will be happy to stick with the stock iOS keyboard, or wait until we see a full-blown replacement come along like 8pen. You can check out some more info and videos here, or jump to the App Store link here.

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