Color Keyboard Lets You Fully Customize Your iPhone’s Keyboard

Monsta'd on April 25th, 2011

Color Keyboard is an iPhone tweak that will let you color, design, and fully customize your iPhone's keyboard pretty much any way you'd like. iOS keyboard customization was fairly prevalent in Cydia in the days before iOS 4.x. Cydia devs provided us with some cool Winterboard packages to change up the general look of our iPhone's keyboards, but most of those hacks haven't been updated to work correctly on the new iOS (4.x).

This all makes Color Keyboard a very welcome tweak to iPhoners who are into customizing the UI on their iPhones. Color Keyboard is available now in the Cydia Store for $1.99, and is well worth the 2 bucks (in our opinion). You can check out the full package info straight from the developer, just below the screenshots...

Color Keyboard Lets You Fully Customize Your iPhones KeyboardColor Keyboard Lets You Fully Customize Your iPhones Keyboard

Requires iOS 4.0 or higher
Not compatible for iPad

Colorize keyboard on you iPhone (iOS 4+)
Now, you can change colors of key buttons or you can add background image on keyboard.

  • Change background color.
  • Insert background image.
  • Change foreground key color.
  • Change round rect radius of key

After installation,
Settings > Color Keyboard > Select Theme > (Tap the Theme) > Save & Respring (Top Right)

Read here to make your own theme.


No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can configure options from your main

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