Common File Directories On Your iPhone (Photos, Bookmarks, & Winterboard Themes)

Monsta'd on October 29th, 2010

We mentioned in our SSH’ing Into Your iPhone – Why & How? post, that we would follow up with a quick list of where some of the main directories (Photos, Safari Bookmarks, Winterboard themes, etc.) are located on your iPhone. We won't list out each and every directory, or where everything is, just the "main" ones. So let's take a look. Please keep in mind that the words "directory" and "folder" are interchangeable here.

Common File Directories On Your iPhone (Photos, Bookmarks, & Winterboard Themes)

/var/mobile/Media - This directory holds your your Photos from the Camera app, and your Voice Memos from the Voice Memos app. (If you happen to use Safari Download Manager (we'll have a post on this soon), your downloaded files, by default, will be stored in this directory as well -- in /Downloads.)

Photos. Your photos will be located in /var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE. You may also see additional folders like 101APPLE, 102APPLE, etc. I have no idea why this happens, but if you want to know more, I'm sure a simple Google search will do. You should never delete images directly out of your 100APPLE folder(s) as it can make your Camera app unstable. If you want to grab a few photos out of the folder, so that they do not appear in your Camera app, but they remain "hidden" on your phone, check out this post, which explains how to do just that.

Voice Notes. Your voice notes will be located in: /var/mobile/Media/Recordings. The same rules apply here. You should not delete individual voice notes from the directory. If you want to copy some voice memos, so you can keep them on your phone, while hiding them from the Voice Memos app, follow the directions we linked to above, for doing this with your photos --- same deal.

/var/mobile/Library - This directory holds your Safari Bookmarks & your SBSettings toggles and themes.

Safari Bookmarks. /var/mobile/Library/Safari -This is where your Safari bookmarks are stored. You really won't need to go in here unless you want to get super sneaky and create two different sets of bookmarks, which we'll have a nice "How-To" on soon.

SBSettings Themes. /var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Themes This is where your SBSettings Themes are stored. Just as the Winterboard Themes folder below, here you can upload custom themes and toggles for your SBSettings app.

/var/stash - this directory holds your default Ringtones, Wallpapers, and most importantly, your Winterboard packages/hacks.

Winterboard Themes. Your Winterboard themes and tweaks will be located in /var/stash/Themes - Your /Themes folder may actually look something like "/Themes.4x7hdh" instead of just plain "/Themes", but that's fine, no worries. This is the place where you can upload different Winterboard themes, tweaks, packages, whatever, to. You'll still need to activate the stuff that you upload here in Winterboard for it to take effect on your phone.

We'll probably add some more directories to this post in the future, but these ones should get you on the right path. It's important to remember that you should only move or delete something if you're sure you know what you are doing, and what the file or directory that you are modifying actually does. One wrong step and you're in iTunes restoring your phone!

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