EightKeys – Alternate iPhone/iOS Keyboard

Monsta'd on January 12th, 2011

We've looked at a few alternate iOS and iPhone keyboards here on the iPhoneMonsta, and today we're going to look at another one - EightKeys. Let me start by saying that EightKeys (not to be confused with the much anticipated 8Pen) is the first alternate keyboard / keyboard replacement that I've, personally, enjoyed using. I mentioned in our post about MessagEase, that most of these keyboard replacements have a steep learning curve, which can be frustrating. EightKeys has a learning curve too of course, but it seems to be much easier to use right out of the gate.

EightKeys   Alternate iPhone/iOS Keyboard

EightKeys is available on BigBoss in Cydia, for free, which is obviously a bonus. Going the Cydia route allowed the developers of EightKeys to implement a true, system-wide keyboard replacement [via MobileSubstrate], as the cats behind the MobType keyboard have already shown us, and unlike an App Store keyboard app, likeĀ  MessagEase.

Enabling the keyboard is as easy as opening up the included settings app and doing just that, and EightKeys also comes with a really subtle, yet cool, key-tap sound. At the end of the day, most of us will be happy to stick with the stock iPhone keyboard, but EightKeys definitely deserves a tip of the cap for being a really cool, and potentially real replacement keyboard for iOS users. If you'd like to see it in action, here's the baddest dude ever, typing blindfolded, just because he can.

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