Free iPhone Browser Simulator for Windows, Linux, & Mac

Monsta'd on October 2nd, 2010

Earlier this summer, Sean Sullivan over at Blackbaud Labs unleashed iBBDemo2, an iPhone (and iPad) Browser Simulator. This slick iPhone dev tool is open-source, and available for free under a GNU GPL 3 license. There's some cool iPhone simulators out there, but iBBDemo2 supports all 3 major desktop OS (Windows, Linux, & Mac), which is pretty awesome in itself. Sean also mentions that Android support is coming soon... which is nice if you know, <sarcasm> you play for the other team </sarcasm>.

Free iPhone Browser Simulator for Windows, Linux, & Mac

Here are a few of the main features, and a quick demo video:

  • iPad emulation (Switch between iPhone and iPad via hot keys.
  • Portrait and Landscape support
  • Basic authentication and credential challenges handled
  • Zoom and Scale
  • Cross platform - Re-written on Adobe Air 2, now supporting Windows, Linux and Mac all supported.
  • Toggle for Flash (Hey we can dream!)

You can read some more about iBBDemo2 here, or jump straight to the download here. The only requirement on your end is to have Adobe AIR installed, you'll need it to download and install the simulator app.

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