Build Native iPhone Apps Using HTML & Javascript with NimbleKit

Monsta'd on October 13th, 2010

A lot of people that are trying to get into the iPhone App Development game have one giant hurdle to get over -- learning how to actually write the application. Learning Objective-C certainly isn't for everybody. Luckily, due to the overall popularity of the iPhone, and the heavy interest in iApp dev, there are some awesome mobile development frameworks out there that eliminate the need to learn Objective-C. This means that most of us, being the regular Joe's that we are, now have the opportunity to put our genius ideas into motion. We've recently discussed a few of these frameworks on iPhoneMonsta, and today were going to take a look at another one - NimbleKit.

Build Native iPhone Apps Using HTML & Javascript with NimbleKit

"NimbleKit is the fastest way to create applications for iPhone and iPod touch."

Although you won't need to know Objective-C or be too familiar with the iPhone SDK, you will need to know how to write an HTML page with Javascript code. The NK devs point out that there are no complicated configurations, and NimbleKit installs easily in XCode and provides you with a new "NimbleKit Project Template". You choose this template, and add the required HTML, Javascript and/or images to your new project. When you want to test out your app, just click on Compile & Run, and your application will launch in the iPhone Simulator.

Here's a full feature list, of all of the things you can do with NimbleKit. Needless to say, it's very impressive:

  • Fully supports iPad
  • Native iPhone interface elements
  • iAds support
  • Full control of application appearance
  • Databases support
  • Play bundle audio files
  • Play audio streams from the Internet
  • Play bundled or streamed video
  • Support iPhone vibration
  • Support Address Book with full search and people picker
  • Access to bundled files
  • Check Internet availability
  • Location services (GPS)
  • Access to images (take photo or browse in library)
  • Multi button dialog sheets
  • Map Kit support
  • In-App purchase
  • Native iPhone/iPad Table Views
  • Abilities to mix javascript and Objective-C
  • Downloading files from internet

NimbleKit is free to download and try, as a trial. Unfortunately, you'll need to pony up $99 for the full version.

You can grab a copy of NimbleKit here, or read some more about this cool iPhone dev tool here.

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