PerPageHTML – HTML Widgets & Wallpapers On Your iPhone’s SpringBoard Pages

Monsta'd on March 7th, 2011

If you want to install some cool widgets onto your iPhone's SpringBoard (homescreen), you have to find a WinterBoard widget-theme, which usually isn't all that great. Now, we have an alternative -- PerPageHTML, a free tweak available in Cydia, lets you create or download and install HTML widgets that can be applied to any page on your SpringBoard.

For example, you could have a Calendar widget on Page 1, a Weather widget on Page 2, so on and so on.  Of course, [widget] devs can call CSS and Javascript files in their widgets as well.

PerPageHTML   HTML Widgets & Wallpapers On Your iPhones SpringBoard Pages

So what's the difference? You really can create your own widgets in a Winterboard theme file just as easily, right? Yes, but the real draw here with PerPageHTML is the ability to place different widgets on different SpringBoard pages. Pages you specify -- something that currently isn't possible through WinterBoard. The widgets can sit behind your app icons, but you'll probably want to sit your icons around them, or use "blank" pages.

Your PerPageHTML widgets can be found in the /var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/ directory (How do I get to this directory?). Upon installation, an AnalogClock and a Calendar widget are included, but there are also some new ones popping up on Cydia, including this beautiful HTC Sense-Inspired Weather Widget.

PerPageHTML   HTML Widgets & Wallpapers On Your iPhones SpringBoard Pages

Hopefully, we'll see more and more widgets being released as more people install this awesome tweak. PerPageHTML settings can be configured in the included settings app you'll see on your SpringBoard after installation.

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