StatusTweak Lets You Fully Tweak & Customize iPhone/iPad’s StatusBar

Monsta'd on August 26th, 2011

StatusTweak is an iPhone and iPad Cydia tweak that lets you fully customize your device's StatusBar.

StatusTweak Lets You Fully Tweak & Customize iPhone/iPads StatusBar

With StatusTweak, you can:

  • Align status bar items however you want, in any order
  • Disable that frustrating icon limit
  • Enable a "hidden" animation feature in your StatusBar
  • Modify specific StatusBar items -- such as disabling "AM/PM" in the time, and replacing your carrier name with the current date.

While StatusTweak is pretty cool, the dev decided to price it at a whopping $3.00 in the Cydia Store, and we'd definitely have to recommend waiting for that price to come down before purchasing this tweak.

There are no icons added to your SpringBoard, and StatusTweak settings can be configured in your main

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